Plenary Presenters:

Mary Jo Deegan, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Mary Jo Deegan is a professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She specializes in classical and contemporary theory, history of sociology and social work, and qualitative methods. She is the author of over 200 articles and written or edited 23 books including Jane Addams and the Men of the Chicago School, 1892-1918, Women in Sociology, Race, Hull-House, and the University of Chicago, Self, War, and Society and introductions to edited books by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and by George Herbert Mead.

Marilyn Flynn, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
USC School of Social Work

Marilyn Flynn is a professor of social work and has served as Dean of the USC School of Social Work since 1997. She is an expert on educational issues, how human service organizations work, and core theoretical and empirical issues of social work. She has a worldwide reputation as a leading scholar, administrator and innovator. Most recently, she initiated an intellectual movement on Grand Challenges of Social Work. Adding to a collection of numerous awards received over her career, she was honored with three prestigious awards including the USA President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2013.

Plenary Panelists:

Michele Adams*

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Sociology
Tulane University

Michele Adams is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Sociology at Tulane University, and one of the Sociology representatives on the steering committee of the City, Culture, and Community Graduate Program. Her research interests lie in the areas of family, gender, and culture, and she teaches classes in social theory, politics of marriage, and sociology of family.

John Brekke, Ph.D.
Frances G. Larson Professor of Social Work Research
Fellow, American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare
USC School of Social Work

John Brekke is a professor at the USC School of Social Work and is a leading social work researcher and educator in the field of mental health. He has an excellent track record of NIH-funded research and numerous influential publications. He is currently guiding discussions and campaigns to shape a science of social work and serves as Co-Chair of the Grand Challenges for Social Work Executive Committee. He is a recipient of various distinctions, including a fellowship with the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare.

Fred Buttell, Ph.D., MSW
Director, Wisner Center for Research on Children and Families
Tulane School of Social Work

Fred Buttell is a professor in the School of Social Work at Tulane University and the current Director of the interdisciplinary City, Culture, and Community Graduate Program, which brings together students in Sociology, Social Work, and Urban Studies. He teaches classes on theory, clinical practice and social policy. His research interests lie in Intimate Partner Violence, particularly evaluations of community-based Batterer Intervention Programs.

Lawrence Palinkas, Ph.D.
Albert G. and Frances Lomas Feldman Professor of Social Policy and Health
Director, Behavior, Health and Society Research Cluster
USC School of Social Work

Lawrence Palinkas, a medical anthropologist, is a professor of social policy and health at the USC School of Social Work. His primary areas of expertise are within preventive medicine, cross-cultural medicine and health services research. He is a leading scholar in translational and implementation research. He has received several honors throughout his career including the Antarctic Service Medal by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Navy in 1989.

Haluk Soydan, Ph.D.*
Associate Dean of Research and Professor
Director, Hamovitch Center for Science in the Human Services
USC School of Social Work

Haluk Soydan is an associate research dean, professor, and the Director of the Hamovitch Center for Science in the Human Services at the USC School of Social Work. He has authored 12 books, over 20 book chapters, and a large number of articles. He is a recipient of numerous awards including the 2003 Pro Humanitate Award for "Intellectual Integrity and Moral Courage," a meta-analysis article on what works among ethnic juvenile delinquents in the United States. He co-founded and chaired the International Campbell Collaboration.

Emily Starr
Doctoral Candidate
Tulane University

Emily Starr is a doctoral student in her third year in the City, Culture, and Community graduate program at Tulane University. Her general areas of interest are gender, sexuality, and labor. She has recently done research work on domestic violence and international dating websites. She is currently working on a mixed methods study focusing on the politics of gender, sexuality, and power through tending bar.

*Plenary Panel Chair

4th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work
May 19-20, 2014    University of Southern California    Davidson Conference Center    3415 South Figueroa Street    Los Angeles, CA 90089-0871